Dennis Morgan James
there friendly and reliable bruce helped me out a while back when I fudint have a ride back and forth to work and no funds so he offered me rides on account out of good faith and agreeed to pay him the following week thanks again
Omega Xiong
Shout out to Bruce ! Awesome Service! Life saver, He was able to drive us from flat head lake to Missoula in a safe matter. Thank you again!
William Miller
Great service with great people!
May Simmons
Nice guys - Reliable - Clean Cars
Demetri Wayne
Clean, quick, comfortable. Nice vehicles, helpful drivers.
Wyoma Austin
Very friendly, great personalities, always on time, nice clean vehicles. The owners are nice looking and are very accommodating. I will be referring these young men's business to all my friends. Good luck and keep up the awesome service you are providing to our community
Helen Silva
These young men are providing an excellent service for our community. They are very friendly and have clean vehicles. I would recommend this taxi service to all. Way to go guys and I will be using your service again. Thank you
Bruce Rennich
Clean, reliable, Punctual transportation! Two thumbs up
Lesley Elise Chinnock
Just used your food delivery service. Service was quick and the driver was super nice. Price was reasonable. Great addition to Polson
LaCosta D. Lilley
Safe, Clean and Professional. Thank you for providing a very much needed service to our community. Highly recommend their services.
Levi Bullplume
very generous, driver was outspoken, kind, fun drive. keep up the great work.
Ciara Moran
10/10 would recommend! I have actually used this taxi service a couple time and they are super clean and very professional. Great prices too 😊
Matthew Stevens
Finally a safe and clean taxi company in Polson. Great prices with outstanding service. 10/10
Jonna Jordan
I actually had to use the Polson Taxi Company and I have to say the service was outstanding....very clean cars...driver was on time. It’s about time Polson has a good taxi service.